Pennsylvania’s best water parks, amusement parks, roller coasters

Check out our quick guide and listings of the best amusement parks, water parks and roller coasters in the state of Pennsylvania.

Enjoy our online guide to the best amusement parks in the state of Pennsylvania — featuring a wide variety of water parks, theme parks, all types of attractions, roller coasters and more.

Kennywood Sky Rocket Roller Coaster

Amusement Parks in Pennsylvania

Learn about the vast array of amusements parks in the state of Pennsylvania.

The state of Pennsylvania is home to some of the country’s finest and best amusement parks featuring roller coasters, water parks, theme parks and a wide range of attractions to enjoy for family fun.

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Hershey Park Wavepool

Water Parks in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to some of the best water parks in the country.

Thrill rides range from tube slides, body slides, and river adventures to challenging races and surfing!

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Thunderhawk Dorney Park

Pennsylvania's Roller Coasters

Make it your goal to complete the circuit of the best roller coasters in the state.

Watch a series of videos highlighting the best roller coasters at amusement parks in Pennsylvania.

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