Friends of PAPA

A Special "Thank You" to the Friends of the Pennsylvania Amusement Parks and Attractions.

PAPA would like to thank all of our members who, year after year, support our association and who work to keep all of our Pennsylvania’s Amusement Parks, Waterparks, Indoor Waterparks and Attractions the internationally recognized attractions that welcome millions of visitors year after year to enjoy family friendly enjoyment for all.

Thank you

We would also like to recognize our member parks and attractions along with the suppliers and manufacturers who serve on our board, our committees and all of those who contribute ideas and their time to support our mission.

Special thanks to our Board of Directors, membership, and the organizations that sponsor our annual directory, annual Spring and Summer meetings and our seminars.

We offer additional thanks to the following associations that offer support and guidance in our industry.

  • IAAPA: Hal McElvoy, President 1448 Duke Street Alexandria, VA 22314-3403
  • Bureau of Ride & Measurement Standards PA Department of Agriculture: Walt Remmert, Director 2301 North Cameron Street Harrisburg, PA 17110
  • Amusement Today: Gary Slade P.O. Box 5427 Arlington, TX 76005
  • PA State Showman’s Association (P.S.S.A.):¬†Larry Johnson, President, P.O. Box 5 Tripoli, PA 18066
  • PRLA: John Longstreet, President