Suggested Plans for Operating Commercial Recreational Attractions Presented by PAPA

For the Amusement/Attractions Industry, safety has always been and will continue be our #1 priority. It is the foundation upon which our businesses are built. While COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge with regard to both guest and employee safety, we believe our historic focus on safety positions us well to deal with and execute protocols to create and maintain a safe environment for all.

We must move forward and include adaptive and innovative strategies to live, work, function, and recover in the time of COVID-19. The Stay-At-Home order was a tactical solution and we have learned much since it was implemented. We now move to employ what we have learned to be successful in an external environment.

The principles and considerations outlined below were largely gathered by IAAPA, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, from attractions operators around the world.

These safety guidelines were developed by members of the Pennsylvania Amusement Parks and Attractions Association and in partnership with the New Jersey Attractions Association. It is designed for opening once Governor Wolf removes the Stay-At-Home Executive Order and allows non-essential businesses to reopen.

In time, as community transmission rates decline in our region and amongst our population, and as we learn more about COVID-19, these guidelines should be adjusted, relaxed, and/or eliminated based on current requirements, guidance from local health authorities and as permitted by local and state government. This guidance will also change and evolve as we learn more about best practices, government guidelines, and the latest recommendations from medical professionals.

To access Pennsylvania’s “Safe Play” document please follow the link below.

PA Safe Play